Saddle Stitching / Booklet Making

A form of binding where pages are laid on top of one another, stapled in the center, and folded in half to form a booklet. Commonly used for magazines, Financial Reports and Brochures.

Strip Binding / Velo Binding

Strip binding offers a professional look without staples, glue, or chemicals. Plus it is easy to achieve consistently, attractive and polished results. In a quick, two-step process, punched documents are secured between two thin plastic strips. The finished products are easy to stack, mail and file. Moreover the process works for reports, proposals and even library-quality hardcover books.

Coil Binding / Spiral Binding

Smooth, flexible, plastic coil binding is perfect for documents that need to lie flat or flip over. The continuous plastic binding element spirals through the punched holes, reducing the possibility of tearing and allowing the pages of your document to rotate 360 degrees. Vibrant colors are a real feature of plastic-coil that gives your documents punch and makes them stand out from the crowd.

Comb Binding / GBC Binding

Strong, durable, and economical-these are the reasons so many people choose plastic comb binding.

Wire Binding

Ring wire binding provide a contemporary, high-tech look. Documents open flat, in single sheets or spreads, and their pages can rotate 360 degrees. Wire binding is also especially durable and able to withstand temperature extremes. Wire binding systems are appropriate for all types of businesses and offer many ways to customize your documents appearance.

Tape Binding

Tape binding works by wrapping a narrow fabric strip around the spine of the covered document and securing the pages together using a heat-activated thermoplastic adhesive. Finished documents look great and are reader-friendly because they lie flat and are easy to store, stack, and mail.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a form of adhesive binding. This binding is sometimes called "soft cover", which is similar to a paperback novel binding. It is excellent for books, corporate reports, manuals, brochures, and annual reports. The advantages are: versatile, printable spine, longevity, overall look and visual appeal.