Document copying continues to be an essential service to law firms, law professionals and corporate legal departments. QIS adheres to industry "best practices" and understands the importance of detail and quality. We categorize our copying services by the level of difficulty and ease of production.

Light Document Production

Originals that are easily fed through a scanner/copier. These may have some stapled and clipped sections, but for the most part are good quality, same sized originals.

Medium Document Production

Originals with mostly stapled and clipped sections of similar sizes, including file folders and tabs which need to be copied. These jobs require more handling and organization. Occasionally, small receipts or smaller sized originals may be mixed in, but not enough to slow down the job.

Heavy Document Production

The majority of the originals are mixed sizes, such as receipts, envelopes, half-pages, large format plans and drawings. These documents may also be poor contrast documents that require adjustments to produce an acceptable copy. Originals may need to be unbound and rebound in order to copy. In some case the spines may need to be removed (upon client approval). This type of work may also require only specific sections to be copied, requiring the operator to sort through originals.

Glass Work

When at least half of the originals require the operator to place the document directly on the copier glass for copying. Extremely poor originals such as a fax paper, odd-sized originals, receipts, etc., that require extensive handling and analysis on a page-by-page basis in order to produce a high quality copy. Also, when spines can not be removed and a book needs to be copied page by page on the glass.

Bates Numbering and Labeling

This is the process of numbering pages in sequence. The actual document is stamped (typically on the bottom right) and may include a prefix or suffix. In some cases original documents need to be bates labeled; in this case an operator would print labels and hand place them on originals. Our staff takes the time to make sure every page is correctly numbered and labeled.

Color Copying

We evaluate color copy jobs using the same categories as above (light, medium, heavy and glasswork). Color copies can demonstrate your point directly and clearly - but only if they're vibrant and crisp. Oversaturated or pale color copies may not represent the original as well as they should. Quality Imaging boasts top notch color copiers and trained operators to help guarantee the right copy with the right colors. For more information on all of our Digital Color Services visit: Digital Color Printing

Digital Media Duplication

The CD/DVD duplication process "burns" your content directly onto another CD or DVD. We also offer full color and B&W printing directly to the media, inserts, mailers, packaging and more...
For More information visit: Digital Media Services

Video and Audio Duplication

We can duplicate your videos and cassette tapes or transfer them to CD or DVD. For more information on these services visit: Audio and Video Services