A CD can typically hold about 12,000 images or the equivalent of seven file boxes of paper documents. With our Document Imaging solutions, we can convert your files into manageable and searchable electronic formats, unlocking the true value of your information.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is the electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text, captured by a scanner, and converted into readable and editable text.

Imaged Document Delivery Options

If you are importing the images into a legal database or legal repository we will provide a Load File to make the import as seamless as possible. For customers without in house database software we can deliver the images in a PDF or TIFF file format on CD, DVD, or using our Online File Storage Server. When delivering on a CD, DVD or hard drive, we can give you a self run option with built in file viewer and document organization. This includes:

  • Annotation Options - here you will have the options such as redacting, highlighting, or adding a sticky note.

  • Documents will be organized with familiar Tree View Navigation - You will be able to navigate the collection by source, box, folder, or Bates numbers.