These cards are essential to all businesses and professionals. We offer a wide variety of card stocks, print methods and design services to help your business cards make the appropriate statement.

Business Card Paper Stocks

Business cards are typically printed on 80lb to 130 lb Card Stock. Some finishes include; Matte, Silk, Gloss, Linen, and Vellum.

Digital vs. Offset Printing for Business Cards

Digital Cards can be run in small quantities, very quickly with superb graphics and text. Offset cards are usually ordered in larger quantities and multiple lots. Solid colors, particularly on a matte cardstock tend to be more uniform using an offset press.

Full Bleed Business Cards:

A bleed is a print and design term that means the ink runs to the edge of the paper. 

Custom and European Sized Business Cards

Typical business cards are 2" x 3.5" but can be printed using a custom size or European size (55 mm x 85 mm).

Graphic Design Services for Business Cards

If you are not sure how to design your Business Card, or would like your card redesigned; our team of graphic designers will be more than happy sit down and help. Custom designs as well as pre-formatted templates are available. You may also find it useful to stop by and browse our business card catalogue.


Variable Images

This helps make your business card a product advertisement as well. For example, a retailer may take 20 of their most popular products and vary the backs of their business card with images of those products.


Custom Die Cut Shapes

If you want your card to really stand out we can custom cut your cards in a variety of shapes.

Business Cards