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Booklets are typically saddle stitched and can range in size from small pocket manuals to full sized custom catalogs or brochures.

Saddle Stitching is the process of printing imposed pages, 2-up, double sided, on a sheet size double the width of the finished size, then folding and double stapling down the middle.

Booklets can be printed in Color or Black and White, with a mix of cover and text weight paper stocks. At QIS all of our booklets are creased down the middle to prevent paper cracking and then face trimmed to give a clean edge. If the end result is Full Bleed, the top and bottom will be trimmed as well.

One thing to keep in mind when printing booklets, is the total page count must be in multiples of four. When pages are imposed for printing they must be stepped 2-up onto a larger sheet and folded down the center to create four panels, two on the front, two on the back. If your printed piece is not in multiples of four, blank pages can be added (i.e. inside front and back covers).

Below are some of the printed pieces that lend themselves well to booklet printing:

Employee manuals
Product or User Manuals
Instruction Manuals

Training Manuals
Reference Guides

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