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Frequently Asked Questions - Legal Support Services

Q: What is Legal Support?

A: Legal Support is the process of providing consultation and services for legal professionals during the various phases of a case. At Quality Imaging, we help legal professionals by providing document services like duplicating, scanning, and blowbacks to name a few. Please refer to Legal Support for more information on all of our support services.

Q: How do we determine the grade of your documents?

A: When we receive a job, the first step is to determine the condition and grade of the originals. We categorize originals by what physical state they are in, and by the level of difficulty it will take to reproduce them. The four categories in which we base originals are; Light, Medium and Heavy Document Production, and Glass Work. To understand how we determine the grade of your originals, please refer to our Copying and Duplicating Page

Q: How long will my job take to complete?

A: Each job is different. Originals can range from great to terrible condition. Therefore, turnaround time depends on the grade of the originals. Production time is based on copies per hour. If the originals are in great condition the copies per hour will be higher than if the documents are in poor condition. We’ll give you a window on how long your job will take to complete. Keep in mind, additional service will add time to production. To help with your review process, we can deliver large jobs on a rolling basis.

Q: How do we determine pricing?

A: There are many elements in pricing. For duplicating and scanning jobs, we bill per impression. The cost per impression is based on the grade of the originals. Light Production is less expensive than Heavy Production or Glass Work. We always evaluate and determine the price per impression prior to production. Any other services requested carry additional charges (i.e. bates stamping, tabs, OCR, etc.)

Q: What is an Impression?

A: An impression refers to single side of a document. A double-sided document would be considered two impressions.

Q: What is a “Make-Ready”?

A: When originals are in poor condition, we create a make-ready before producing the additional copies. The term make-ready refers to everything done to prepare documents before final production. For example, if we receive 3 boxes of Heavy Production that needs to be scanned and archived, we create a “clean” copy of the all of the originals first. The purpose of the make-ready is to decrease production time, eliminate “stop and go” copying and thus, turn around jobs more quickly.

We also require a make-ready when we bates stamp from originals that are in poor condition.

Q: Can we print custom tabs?

A: Yes, we can print custom tabs in color or black and white. We can also create custom stock tabs and print on both the tab itself and the body of the tab.

Q: Do we deliver directly to the Courthouses?

A: Yes. We’re conveniently located near the New York City Courthouses, and we can deliver your jobs directly there. We can also deliver to the Courthouses in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Long Island.

Q: Can we service out-of-state customers?

A: Yes. Let’s say you’re in California, opposing counsel has documents in New York, and you need them scanned so you can review them on the West Coast. It’s simple – we pick up the documents, scan and organize them, and upload the files to our Online File Storage where you could then download them. Or if you prefer, we could burn you a CD or DVD and send them via courier. We would then return the originals to opposing counsel.

Q: What do we do with production waste?

A: We shred all waste material created during production.

Q:What measures do we take to ensure a secure environment for your originals?

A: Our facility is located in a 24/7 secured building. During off hours, our facility and storage room is locked, and they are monitored by infrared cameras. Also, documents are never taken off premises unless instructed to do so.

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